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My whole life was a series of trying to ‘do the right thing’, ‘be the right person’, ‘show the right face’ and yet I always felt unhappy. Depression was such a normal way of life for me that I really didn’t think that happiness was a possibility.

Twenty-one years ago while I was going through my divorce I was introduced to alternative methods of healing. I had spent 15 years of my 17 year marriage in traditional therapy trying to understand what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t feel happy or enjoy life. When I began experiencing conscious moments of happiness I got excited to the possibility of actually having a life that felt good.

Seven years earlier I had ended up in a psychiatric hospital for a suicide attempt and it was during that time that I began remembering being molested as a child. The memories were sketchy and I struggled to even want to remember. Being locked up and having my every move monitored didn’t feel much different than my real life but in order to deal with my lack of control I started exercising whenever I could and stopped eating; I was controlled by an eating disorder for the next 8 years. It was also during this time that I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

After being released from the hospital I returned to my out-of-control life still feeling suicidal and extremely depressed. I was put on medications for bi-polar but it took over a year to get my mood swings regulated and stop the suicidal tendencies. During this time I just started running away from the life that I didn’t know how to deal with and it wasn’t until I got divorced and started working with Rapid Eye technology that life started changing for the better.

It was these experiences and more that kept me going back for more and sent me on a quest to gain a deeper understanding about Rapid Eye technology and alternative healing. I worked with my Rapid Eye technician for 8 months but it was the beginning to a different yet intriguing journey of healing. After years of searching I had finally found my answer in alternative methods that have helped me move past the pain and hurt into a place of happiness and loving my life.

At first the changes were subtle but what made me push forward was a new feeling of calmness that I felt. I remember the time that my youngest son came into my room acting very apprehensive. I asked him what was wrong and he guardedly told me that he had spilled his glass of milk. I calmly asked him if he had cleaned it up; he answer unsure of what was happening since he was used to me blowing up over everything. I calmly responded that it was okay and to just go clean it up that these things happen. He stood there completely unsure of how to respond because in the past I would have yelled at him for being so clumsy and asked why he hadn’t cleaned it up. This experience was just the first of many redefining moments of feeling calm and in control of my reactions. Over the years my relationships with my children have come a long way in healing and understanding.

This experience and many others like it drove my desire to know and understand more and I spent the next 10 years studying and learning everything I could in the field of alternative medicine. I learned Rapid Eye technology (RET), Reiki, Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), Cranial Sacral, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, studied Barbara Brennan and everything else I could find. This was a different yet an exciting new world and I wanted to know everything I could.

Eventually I was introduced to two women who took me to an even deeper level of learning and understanding. I spent several years attending and staffing their classes eventually getting trained in facilitation and HRT.

The happy fulfilling life that I always believed was out of my reach has become a reality. It is from my own journey of healing that I feel confident in offering you a solution that will assist you in finding the happiness and peace that you desire. I have taken the learning from each of these areas putting it together to create a system that brings fantastic results in healing.

As I look back at where I was and where I am I feel so blessed. The struggles with depression, suicide and eating disorders are gone. In fact memories of being bi-polar feel more like a story I read about someone else’s life not mine. Using Rapid Eye technology and other methods has helped me not just remember being molested but have allowed me to release the emotions attached to the experiences to forgive the perpetrators and learn to love myself (abuse creates the inability to love ourselves and set healthy boundaries).

Life has the ability to present us with experiences that challenge our peace but using the tools I have helps me meet those challenges more easily and calmly. I no longer dread getting out of bed to face each day instead I get up and literally dance my way into feeling excited and greeting each day with enthusiasm looking forward to the adventures that may come my way. I feel confident and ready to meet life head on.

I know that it is possible to create the happiness and peace that you desire. Is this the moment that you take that next step into finding the happiness you desire and deserve? You don’t have to wait any longer to start feeling better. Please contact me to schedule you your free 30 minute consultation.


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