In spite of many blessings and wonderful people in my life, I used to think life was hard. I have experienced intermittent depression, and had to force myself to get out of bed in the morning. I did the best I could, but sometimes I felt I was swimming through mud.

I am indebted to the wonderful people who have helped me find a better way. Debbi is one I am deeply indebted to for profoundly influencing my life for good. She helped me release mountains of emotional baggage so my heart could again smile.

In her Life Skills classes, I learned to set boundaries, see life in a new way, understand myself better, change my internal dialogue, and cope with life more effectively.

Debbi patiently and skillfully guided me through Rapid Eye sessions to help me change the flavor of my life from enduring to enjoying. I no longer feel depressed. I am still myself, but a happier, more vibrant and confident me. I’ve discovered new zest for life. Rather than swimming through mud, I swim in pristine waters, walk along the beaches of life, and fly in the blue sky. Now my smile is more than skin deep.



RET has literally been a healing miracle in my life. I have found more peace and hope in the past 2 months than I have every felt in my life. This has come from the fact that I now feel God’s presence in my life where before I never felt He was there for me. I now feel His love and acceptance of me just as I am. I feel His strength flowing into my life more and more each day. I know now that He has always been there with me and although my outward circumstances have not changed, internally much has changed. I now have true hope for my future.
I have tried so many other approaches to heal from traditional to alternative methods. They were good and prepared me for RET and EFT. Rapid Eye has allowed me to actually release the misconceptions and erroneous beliefs and to begin accepting the truth.
I am grateful to Debbi for her part in my healing process. Her unique experiences and combination of traits allowed me to move through my “stuff” much more quickly than I believe I would have otherwise, if at all. I felt an immediate trust with her and felt that she not only heard what I said and felt, but she truly “got it”. She is gentle, strong, loving, accepting, compassionate, and empathetic mixed with a great sense of humor and intelligence. I believe Debbi is truly acting as God’s hands and voice in healing His children. She has been a light in what I thought would be eternal darkness, allowing me to see the Truth. I thank God for Debbi and her life’s experience!



I came to see Debbi for emotional issues and addictions that stemmed from past abuse in my life. Working with Debbi has helped me let go of the addictions, release the emotional issues and move past the abuse. I am more in control of my life then I have ever been and I no longer feel like I am going to explode at the slightest problem. More recently I have been seeing her for physical problems that came from a motor vehicle accident that I was involved in. I was diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder and lower hairline fractures in my lower back. I have experienced extreme stiffness and pain and I am amazed at how relaxed and pain free I feel after doing a session with Debbi. I have been amazed at the quick recovery that I have had in only a month’s time. I am very grateful to have the tools that Debbi has taught me and feel that my life is headed in a positive direction.



Hi Debbi,
I just wanted to thank you for such a good session. You are so fabulous. I can feel the love you have for your Heavenly Father and the love and concern you have for me. To someone who has had a hard time trusting people and friends that is a great compliment that is honest and true. I can’t believe just how good I feel after each session with you. I also enjoyed class tonight. What a dear friend you have become to me and I want you to know I truly Love you.
What you have been teaching me has really touched my heart. I am so grateful that I was led to you by Heavenly Father and my Angels that I can’t express it to you. I truly know who I am and I am so happy to be me, not that I didn’t before but even more so now… Thank You Debbi, Your Eternal Friend, JC



I’m fairly new to energy classes and healing modalities, but this class has had such a phenomenal effect on me. I was leery about taking the class because although I like people and learning, I hate feeling vulnerable and resist change with a passion! You are an amazing facilitator helping me not only understand so much but to be courageous enough to open myself up and try a new way of being.

The activities have been terrifying, insightful, challenging and a dozen more adjectives. You have a remarkable way of maintaining a calm instructive supportive class environment while allowing no self-illusion, checking out or monopolizing by class members. I’ve thought a great deal about how quickly you cemented a dozen people into a trusting, supportive unit. It fascinates me because I don’t trust easily and seldom feel comfortable in a group. I’m still not sure how you did but I’m very grateful you did. I’ve come to appreciate and care so much about our group.

The homework assignments were so helpful and I continue to use the tools. Learning to let myself feel has helped me with the relationships in my life. The extra time between classes has actually been a good thing for me.

I love you so much. You’re an amazing woman & teacher. Rebecca


Inner Child Class

I can say that Debbi’s inner child series is one of the most powerful courses of comprehensive healing I have ever experienced. Because of her course I can say I more clearly know who I am, as I have uncovered layers of unhealed debris that began to accumulate at birth. I have reached a new level of self-awareness and pushed beyond walls I didn’t realize were even there. I feel lighter, clearer and freer to live from my true self.
Thank you for the journey you have travelled Debbi, for staying with it through every obstacle in your own life, many of which are beyond what most can comprehend. Thank you for giving of your very soul and caring at a depth that is felt and is treasured.
With all of my heart, C. Price

C. Price

Inner Child Class

Over the last 6 months, this class has brought me to a healed place that I am so grateful for. I have stretched to the place of uncomfortable learning. The class has allowed me to reach amazing heights. I am looking forward to the continued healing and forward moving in my life as I have made a commitment to my continued healing.

Debbi has created an amazing experience with her Inner Child class. I have participated in multiple self-awareness classes and her Inner Child class is second to none. I feel the information that is taught in her class is a trunk load of valuable information that I will use to move forward with my self-help and continued self-awareness.

The information that is presented in this class in presented in such a way that it is a master piece of work. She has put the information together and it is amazing.

Thank you for all your work and sacrifice that has given me the space and information to increase the quality of MY LIFE!! You are a guiding light in my storm so many times, Thank you for always showing up for me, carrying me through, standing in the valley of darkness with me when that is expected of me. You are amazing and you are an incredible women. Thank you! Ellie J.

Ellie J.

Inner Child Class

Debbi, I don’t know that I can adequately express how I feel. You are obviously one of the most intelligent, loving, wise and honest people I have ever met. You are a gifted teacher. One of the things that makes your classes so profound for me is seeing the way you live what you teach. That means a great deal to me because it helps me trust you therefore trusting the process. I have been able to witness the possibilities because you are the embodiment of those possibilities. My life has changed in the most amazing ways because of the Inner Child class.

Your teachings have liberated me from strongly held false beliefs, self-destructive patterns and codependent relationships. It’s been an intense yet fun journey discovering what I really want, believe and know the longings of my heart. There are always so many “Aha’s” when I’m in class.

Thank you so much. I am blessed to know you. R. Palacios

R. Palacios

Inner Child Class

Debbi, I have been so impressed with your teaching and knowledge, especially your ability to understand a person’s feelings and to put words to those feelings.  As a student in your classes I feel as if you are in touch with each one of us on a 1 to 1 basis.  You have the ability to understand the emotions of each one of us and encourage us to be able to understand our own individual emotions and how these emotions have affected our lives.

Once we have brought up these emotions that have been buried in our souls for so long, we become aware of them.  Then you have taught us how to release them and make it easier for us to understand ourselves and love each other and ourselves.

I also love the individual sessions that we have had together. I have come to understand myself better I have learned not to take anything personally, which was a huge step for me.  I have learned to forgive more deeply, love God and love myself on a deeper level.  I am more aware of my thoughts, my words, my relationships with family and friends, my actions and reactions to the situations I am faced with.  Because of you I feel I have improved in the above areas and have a more content and happy life.  Thank you.

I am truly grateful for the things you have taught me, the way I feel about myself now and for you.  Love you, J. Hoth

J. Hoth

Inner Child Class

The machine has helped me and my children with health issues that have not been successfully addressed or treated by physicians. The machine is giving us hope as we begin to feel better.

The matrix process and Debbi’s skills brings what I need at the time to my awareness so I can make new choices and understand better why I have made the choices I have in the past. The matrix makes intangible thoughts, feelings and subconscious patterns tangible and discernible on a conscious level. It is an amazing tool.