Each year I have a theme that I focus on as part of my growth and learning. The past two years my theme has been SURRENDER.  The two years before that it was TRUST. Having these themes has created great growth for me and I love having the focus it offers me. It is fun to for me to watch and see where the understandings and miracles will come from as I focus on learning more about my theme. It always offers me a fascinating adventure.

My definition of surrender is to let go of expectations or what I feel is right or wrong and allow myself to be guided and directed by my Higher Power. The mantra I have used to assist me with this goal has been:

I put my total and complete trust and faith in God

This has been a powerful statement for me. It has reminded me not just to trust God but to surrender to the greater divine understanding. Whenever I felt confused or uncertain I repeat this mantra over and over again to myself and spend time conversing with my Higher Power. Focusing on what I would rather have instead of how helpless I might feel at the time, allows me to move out of the fear and into a place of calmness ultimately helping me refocus and continue my forward movement.

I spent time during the year studying and learning about surrender which helping me to better understand what I wanted and focus my efforts more succinctly.

After meditating about my new focus for this year, I was directed to focus on the concept of ABUNDANCE. I have spent time understanding the definition of abundance and its synonyms which is why I am using the additional words of thriving and flourishing in my mantra. They have positive action energy for me and make me feel more alive when I say them.  The mantra I have created to assist me this coming year is:

I am my life is thriving and flourishing with the abundance of all good things.

As you may know we can have an abundance of undesirable things just as much as good things and I want to be specific on what my intention is so adding the words all good things creates a definite focus of what I want to create.

‘I AM’ statements are the most powerful statements we can make and so this year since I desire to create my abundance in all good things, I am making it a more power statement by starting it with ‘I AM’.

To assist me in remembering and focusing on my goal, I print out several copies of my mantra and strategically place them in areas that will get my attention often during the day. I daily repeat my mantra stating it both in my head and out loud allowing the Universe and my angels to know my intent thereby setting their actions in motion to support me.

I hope you will take some time and ponder what it is that you would like to focus on this year. ‘What you would be better with.’ Spend time focusing, studying and creating a mantra that will assist you in staying focused on your goals then print it out and watch the miracles happen.

It is my goal to share my journey with each of you by blogging my thoughts and experiences. This is a new area for me so I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out but I am setting an intention to share.

Sending each one of you light and love for a wonderful year.  Debbi