It’s March 14, 2015 and 55 degrees outside. I’ve been working in the yard for the past 2 hours loving every minute of it. I know that we are in great need of snow right now and I am grateful for any moisture we receive but right now I want to celebrate spring.
I think that spring is my favorite time of year because it’s a renewal of the earth and my heart after many cold, bleak months without color and sometimes for me a feeling of a loss of hope. Right now I’m sitting on my back patio listening to and watching the birds in the trees. There are several plump robins with other small birds that I don’t know their names but are beautiful and cheerful. There is even a butterfly fluttering among the barren branches.
I’m gazing at the mountains behind my house and feel so grateful for being able to watch them change their scenery with the seasons from the luxury of my kitchen. The mountains are like a temple to me as they stand there majestic, unmoving, and powerful. I love the mountains; they call to me and offer a sense of groundedness and strength especially at those times that I feel weak and small.
Yesterday was my birthday and it was a wonderful day. I received phone calls, and visitors with cards and well wishes, a friend stopped by to bring me purple and yellow pansies – I love purple and yellow pansies. Then my best friend and I went for a walk along the river and to dinner. Afterwards, we went to my son’s house where we played games with both my sons and family. On the way there my daughter and her family called and sang happy birthday to me. What a wonderful day I feel so very blessed.
As I was planting my pansies, listening to the birds and thinking of how glorious the day is, the thought came to me that it’s no wonder that Jesus was born in the spring (that’s my belief system) because like spring he came to bring a feeling of renewal and hope. The past 2 years have been quite challenging for me as I’ve been on a deep journey of healing from ritual abuse and last year in March I was in complete despair wondering why I was alive. So this year to feel such a sense of hope and renew brings an intense feeling of gratitude to God for not just getting me through the past 2 years but my whole life.
My life has been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren, my best friend Wendy, dear loving friends, extended family all who have supported by me through the surfacing memories and believed me. So at this moment I want to give thanks, gratitude and appreciation to them and to God for all that I have and that I am. I am celebrating this day, I am celebrating my birth and I am celebrating the hope and renewal Christ brought to all of us with his birth. Thank you with all of my heart.