It is my belief that life gives us many opportunities to grief; the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of dreams and expectations, and so much more. Through the years of doing Rapid Eye technology and other alternative healing modalities, I have learned to embrace those moments and allow myself to deeply feel and release the grief I’ve been holding in my body.

The definition of grief is:

  1. Keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.
  2. A cause or occasion of keen distress or sorrow.

Synonyms: anguish, heartache, woe, misery; sadness, melancholy, moroseness. sorrow.
Antonyms: joy. Holding onto grief prevents us from experiencing joy.

Grieving is a life-time process as is experiencing joy. Without grief we do not understand joy. Without pain we do not understand _______. Without sickness we do not appreciate good health.

To me, grief feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders, keeping me from following through with my daily routine. Grief makes me want to curl up in bed with the covers pulled tightly around my shoulders, with my eyes closed against life, and try to pretend that theirs is nothing outside of me. Grief makes every other aspect of life feel heavier and hard than it really is. When we hold on to grief, it affects our ability to experience joy and live life outside of just existing. Grief makes me feel older than I am, makes me tired and gives me brain fog.

In our society, we’ve been taught to suppress our feelings, to buck up and just plow through. In the past, people were fighting every day to survive and spending time with feelings didn’t have much of a place. Today though, hopefully we’re learning that the regular expression of feelings is a part of good health. Everything we deny gets buried in the body eventually causing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual poor health.

I used to pride myself on my ability to suppress my emotions so deeply that no one could read me. I even had a psychologist I was working with tell me that as good as he was as reading people he couldn’t read me. I thanked him and he said, “That wasn’t a complement.” I took it as one because I had worked so hard as hiding my feelings with the belief that then no one could hurt me anymore. I was mistaken; hidden feelings do not prevent us from feeling hurt and the more we suppress the more pain we feel.

Since learning this concept, I have worked to allow myself freedom to express myself in all ways and as I have, my life has become happier and healthier. Rapid Eye has been a huge part of this process with its educational program as well as the eye processing.

I thank Rascal for helping me start blogging; the idea of sharing myself with others in my most vulnerable way has truly scared me.

Losing loved ones whether to death or because we taken different paths, it is still a loss that needs to be mourned. I have mourned the loss of dear friends. I thank every one of them for the lessons and growth that I gained by knowing them. They are all great blessings to me.
Exceptionally Big-Hearted
You have a big heart. When someone close to you is down, you never leave their side. You stand with them through their thickest and thinest moments. You’ve always been the truest friend and the most phenomenal companion. Even in times of pain and grief your love never ceases. It only increases.